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Young Carers' Group

Shetland Young Carers' Group is available for young carers aged 5 to 18 years.

What we Offer

VAS offer support to unpaid carers and young carers through 1-1 meetings, support sessions at the Market House Carers Centre and through young carer group support. This work can offer young carers anything from a place to meet with other young carers and the opportunity to take part in an activity of their choice to more in depth support through GIRFEC.

Please visit the Shetland Carers Facebook page for more information. There is further advice and support provided on Young Carers.netEryc and Trayc; and the Carers Trust site.


Young Carer Groups Meetings27thJan

Young Carer Groups Meetings

Young Carers' Group

Young Carer Groups meetings every second Tuesday at Market House after school. Find out more +