Telecare for Carers


"Telecare is a service which helps to protect and support people in their own homes. To the 1.75 million people who now rely on a telecare service in the UK, it offers peace of mind and the certainty that there is always someone to help them in times of difficulty day or night."

You can find out more in the Telecare leaflet or by viewing the new Independent Living Centre video at the bottom of this page.   

Information on telecare for yourself or for someone you care about, is available at the Telecare Services Association website.

Tunstall are suppliers of telecare and telehealth solutions and you can download brochures from their website

In addition, the following resources are available on loan from Karen Hannay, Support Worker at Voluntary Action Shetland: DVD: Telecare for Unpaid Carers: "A Weight Off My Mind" and Training Toolkit with DVD: "Telehealthcare: Supporting Unpaid Carers in Scotland".

Community Alarm

A Community Alarm or Home Link is an easy to use device that enables you to raise an alarm via a telephone line if you feel you need emergency assistance. Once a call for assistance is placed, a dedicated response team will contact you via the home link and contact nominated responders or the emergency service for assistance. You can find out more in the Community Alarm leaflet

CASE STUDY - How Technology Helps My Caring Role

Sue Beer's article on carers and technology was used by Carers Scotland for a case study; it was written in 2015. The article can be viewed here