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Young Carers' Group

Support for Young Carers is available for young carers aged 5 to 18 years.

What we offer

VAS can offer support to young carers through school, 1-1 meetings, or through timeout sessions with other young carers. This means that young carers can meet with other young carers to see that they are not on their own, have the opportunity to take part in an activity, or be assisted to get more in depth support through the school.

We currently operate a young carers group (S1 and upwards) in Lerwick. They meet fortnightly, usually they go for hot drink and cake at a local cafe. If you live out of Lerwick please get in touch as we are keen to set up more opportunities for young carers to meet so that they can be supported with their caring role.

We also run a social group for young people (primary age) who have siblings with extra needs or who have caring responsibility. This takes place on the last Saturday of the month and offers a couple of hours for children to play with others who have similar experiences at home. This usually takes place in Lerwick but please contact us if this is not convenient for you.

If you are not sure who is a young carer why not watch this animated film? Eryc and Trayc

Get in touch to find out which group / support would suit the child.

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