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Parent Group

This is for parents who are caring for children with social communication difficulties or for a child with a disability - diagnosed or undiagnosed.

This group usually runs four times a year. It is funded through our Better Breaks funding and we try to create a relaxed atmosphere for parents to have a cup of tea and speak to other parents. In some of the sessions we include activities which has meant the parents feel well supported. We have also opened up the opportunity for parents to speak with specialist organisations such as AT Autism which gives them the opportunity to get more specialist advice.

One of our parents said:

"As an autistic parent, I find the group a safe, social space in which people understand about autism. I don't need to worry that people are finding me rude, too quiet, too loud, too sensitive etc. It is a social situation that is low stress for me, which is very rare. Not all parents / carers groups are comfortable spaces for autistic parents because there can be an atmosphere of "love the child / hate the autism". I don't find that the case here."

Contact Laura on or 01595 743909.

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