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Carers Support

Carers Support Plan

Carers are entitled to an assessment in their own right and this is called a Carers Support Plan.

When you contact an agency, a member of staff will discuss your situation with you and listen to what kind of support you need. Further discussions may then become necessary, for example, with other people such as the family doctor, community nurse, friends and/or relatives. However, this will only happen with your consent.

Depending on your particular situation and life goals a personal support plan will be developed with you. You will be asked to sign the support plan, as will your coordinating practitioner, and you will receive a copy. We will try and implement your individual support plan as soon as we possibly can.

You will also be asked to have a feedback call 22 days after you first made contact with us, so that we can ensure that you are getting the best possible service from us. Agreeing to receive the feedback call will help us to make improvements to our service delivery.

If they are unable to offer help, your coordinating practitioner will explain why, and may be able to suggest alternative sources of support.

Carer Support plans – as a carer if may be useful to have a carer support plan for yourself to see how you can be supported in your caring role. Contact 01595 743980 for advice on how to get one of these.

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