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Need a Break?

Our service encourages carers to have a life outside their caring role. We often find that carers feel they need permission to take a break, so we have different opportunities for carers to take the well earned break. To apply fill in our online forms...

The Carers Act and Self Directed Support Act require local authorities to consider how they can support carers to have a break from their caring role. By December 2018 Shetland Islands Council will have published a Short Break Service Statement which will provide information to carers and cared for people so that they:-

  • Are aware they can take a break in a range of ways
  • Informed about the shortbreaks available
  • Have a choice about the support they access
  • Identify how they can be supported with a shortbreak that will meet their outcomes

These videos from Carers UK show different carers experiences and highlight the need for regular breaks from a caring role.

Click here to view : Carers' breaks: What defines a break and why is taking one so important?

Click here to view : Carers' breaks: Dealing with feelings of guilt and anxiety

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