Positive Partnerships workshop

Improving outcomes by working in partnership

 Date – Tuesday 6th March

Time – 10am – 1pm

Location- Room 9, Islesburgh Community Centre, Lerwick

Who is invited – this workshop is primarily aimed at autistic individuals as well as parents and carers of autistic individuals.  A small number of spaces will be available for grassroots practitioners.

Overview of the workshop

Understanding and navigating the processes, policies and legislation involved in getting the best outcomes for autistic individuals can be confusing and challenging.  Positive Partnerships is fundamentally about building capacity, knowledge, empathy and understanding.  The workshop will explore how, by working in partnership as a collective team with a person centre focus positive, progressive outcomes for individuals can be achieved.  The aim is to improve understanding and appreciation to achieve better, mutually beneficial outcomes.

The workshop will be led by Thom Kirkwood. Thom Kirkwood is a parent of an autistic daughter and he has considerable personal experience in navigating his way through pathways to achieve the best possible outcomes for his daughter. He is Wider Engagement Consultant for Autism Network Scotland.  Thom also sits on the Governance Group of the Scottish Strategy for Autism, is a board member for Forth Valley advocacy and sits on various planning groups. In the last two years, in his own capacity, Thom has provided peer support to over 600 individuals and families.

To book a place please email Lesley.evans@strath.ac.uk or call 0141 444 8146