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Stage 3 Debate - Carers (Scotland) Bill

Stage 3 Debate - Carers (Scotland) Bill

The final debate of the Carers Bill will be held in parliament tomorrow (Thursday 4th February) at 2.30pm. This debate is the final opportunity to make changes to the Bil, after which it will become an Act of Parliament.

The National Carer Organisations have produced a briefing paper which outlines the amendments that will be considered and indicates which ones carers support. This has been sent to all MSPs. This can be downloaded here

We have also produced a quick list which sets out the amendments in the order they will be called and provides a brief description of each. This is a handy guide for people who are attending the debate, or wish to follow it online. The briefing paper can be downloaded here.

The debate can be followed on parliament T.V at

As the Bill has developed, one of carers key concerns has been the criteria which will determine if they are eligible for support. At the moment the Bill specifies that eligibility criteria will be set locally. We are seeking support for an amendment which would mean this criteria is developed nationally, rather then locally.

All MSPs can attend the debate and vote on amendments, so please encourage your local MSPs to attend and support this amendment.

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