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Respitality Scheme RESTARTS!

Shetland Carers have RESTARTED their Respitality Scheme, after a break last year due to the pandemic.

Through Respitality, (respite + hospitality) short breaks are provided for unpaid carers when they need it most.

Respitality breaks are achieved by connecting carers’ organisations, with hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses who are willing to donate a break free of charge. Respitality is a Scottish Government supported project which is delivered locally by Shetland Carers and coordinated nationally by Shared Care Scotland (SCS).

You can view the NEW Respitality animation at: The Respitality Animation on Vimeo

A short break from routine for an unpaid carer can take various forms; whether it is reconnecting with a hobby, going for a massage, enjoying an afternoon tea or taking an overnight stay. Whatever the break offered, this provides unpaid carers a chance to recharge, which is vital for their mental and physical wellbeing.

An unpaid carer can be of any age, and is classed as someone who cares for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. Someone in receipt of Carers Allowance is still considered an unpaid carer.

Fjara was the one of the first local business to sign up to Respitality in 2017. Since then, they have regularly donated breaks to carers, and were the first to donate breaks since the Covid-19 pandemic. Proprietor Jonathan Williamson said : ‘’Fjara really enjoys being part of the Respitality scheme as it allows us to give back to a community that has continued to support us over the years. It is always important that we look after those carers who give up so much supporting other people and that they themselves get a little break and some time to relax.‘’

Shetland Carers now have 14 local business partners signed up to donate breaks to local carers. These donations cover a wide range of breaks from overnight hotels stays, dining, self catering breaks, motor bike rides, boat trips, craft sessions, concert tickets, leisure breaks and kayak excursions. Shetland Carers are keen to attract more donors to the scheme as they currently support more carers than the number of breaks available through the scheme and they are keen to offer a wide range of breaks to suit carers different needs.

Shetland Carers would love to hear from businesses willing to donate to the scheme. Any businesses who are interested can contact Kirsten on: or tel 01595 743980.

Since the project began locally in Autumn 2017, Shetland Carers have provided 102 breaks to carers through the Respitality Scheme at an estimated cost to local businesses of £10,773.

For more information about Respitality visit:

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