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Lego Club

Voluntary Action Shetland Carers Centre are piloting a lego group using money from Betters Breaks, a grant from Shared Care Scotland.

This Lego Club is to help children to develop social skills. As part of the process they can help to develop their verbal and nonverbal communication, problem-solving through cooperation, sharing, joint attention, and task focus.

Each child in the group is given a specific job: engineer, builder, director, and supplier and whilst in this role they follow the “rules” for this job. Each member of the team takes a turn at each role. We have started the club off with 9 children, who will work in groups of 3 and will be given roles to carry out.

Our plan is to make each session a fun way of enabling the children to learn how to take part in group settings and how to work with their peers.

The Lego Club is particularly suitable for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Children with social and communicational needs and the Sibling or friend of these children.

We are currently piloting the group for 6 weeks at the Bruce Family Centre, who as well as hosting the club are also providing us with a playworker to facilitate the group.

We are hoping to run future sessions of the Lego Club, if this is something that you would be interested in then please get in touch with Shetland Carers on 01595 743923 or email [email protected]

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