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Falls Prevention Training - February 2021

NHS Shetland's Health Improvement Team have developed some falls prevention training for anyone caring for an elderly person, or indeed for yourself.

The falls prevention training is aimed at anyone caring for an elderly person or it might be of benefit to yourself. It goes over the importance of falls prevention and some good resources to help. The training will explain the super 6 strength and balance exercises which can be done with someone and will also show how to get up from the floor if your or the person you care for aren't hurt. The resources cover a range of different abilities, so there will be chair based exercises or more in depth exercises. The training is informal and will be completed online, preferably as a group.

If anyone is interested in taking part in falls prevention training and would like to put their name forward, please contact Amanda Brown at [email protected] or telephone 01595 743923. This is for training in February 2021 - dates still to be confirmed.

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