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Engaging with Carers

Carers are so busy it is really difficult to get their views and feedback on things that affect them. We do run a Carers Forum which takes place 4 times per year but I think there needs to be more discussion and engagement from carers so that we can influence services and policy. We thought we would try a new way of interacting and so we have now set up a secret Facebook page, this will allow people to post questions and comments where only other carers will be able to see this. The only people invited to the page will be carers who are on our database and the Carer Support team here in Voluntary Action Shetland.

We set up the page yesterday and we have already got some interesting comments on there that may help to shape what we offer carers. 

If you are a carer who wishes to be invited on to the facebook page then please let us know [email protected] or give me a ring on 01595 743923. 

I am aware that not everyone uses Facebook but may wish to be involved in the discussion, let me know if this is the case and we can look at others ways of you interacting with us on a more regular basis.

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