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Dementia and Self-Management

For an excellent peer to peer resource on self-management for people with dementia, have a look at the attached booklet.

This resource has been written and researched by the Scottish Dementia Alumni, a group of people who have each been living with different diagnoses of dementia for over ten years. They are experienced campaigners who have actively fought for the rights of people living with dementia for over a decade. They are people who have had to manage their own lives during the unspecified timescale of the dementia journey. They received grants from the Life Changes Trust and the DEEP Network which enabled them to produce this booklet and the accompanying video.

What this booklet is for:

*Giving peer to peer support to others living with dementia and to inform them about what self-management means

*Helping people living with dementia to self manage their journey and be in the driving seat

*To be useful and helpful for anyone interested in supporting people living with dementia to live fulfilling lives 'in the presence or absence of symptoms'

*To inform about how people living with dementia self-manage, where to find help to self-manage and how to ask for that help

*To campaign for support to enable self management

*To bridge the gaps between policy, theory and practice about living with dementia

*To give people hope

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