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Carers Scotland - Being Heard guide

Being Heard is Carers Scotland's self-advocacy guide for carers. Self-advocacy is about speaking up for yourself. It’s about getting your voice heard and effectively communicating your own interests.

Their guide has been designed to help you communicate your needs with professionals, understand your rights and look after your wellbeing.

Caring can be rewarding but also very isolating. You may not know what help to ask for, how to ask, or indeed who to ask.

Being Heard  can help you get your voice heard when you care for someone. Self advocacy is also about being able to have your own needs listened to, as well as speaking up for the person you care for.

Updated in November 2022, the guides are packed with new information on carers’ rights, as well as how to speak up and look after your wellbeing. For useful accompanying resources, click on the links below:

Complaints letter template


Reflecting on events

Watch their animated film about self-advocacy

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