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Are you a local Airbnb provider?

You may be able to help local unpaid carers to take a break. Read below how an Australian ‘Carebnb’ partnership offers time out for carers.

Unpaid Queensland family carers are being given an opportunity for some time out from their full-time caring roles under a deal with online short stay marketplace Airbnb. The Short Break for Carers project, a joint initiative between Carers Queensland and Airbnb, will see hosts on the Gold Coast turn their properties into Carebnbs, offering eligible carers from low-income families two-nights free accommodation mid-week.

Airbnb hosts are property owners and they can actually take advantage of an asset they already have by providing a mid-week break, because that’s when a lot of properties are vacant. A respite gives them the chance to relieve their stress, renew their energy and restore a sense of balance to their lives.

For more information about how this works in Australia please click here.

To find out more about Respitality in Shetland, and how you can become involved, please click here

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