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Lego Group

Lego Group can encourage sibling interaction, along with promoting role play, wider group interaction, and turn taking. This is done through playing with Lego in a structured way. It is great fun and there is always adult support on hand.

Lego Group is bringing together a small group of young people (usually around 6 young people) who are then split into smaller groups of 3. Each smaller group is given the task of completing a small lego build. Each person in the group has a role, and they are encouraged to stay in this role by an adult helper. One person in the group is the Engineer, they have the instructions. One person is the Supplier, they have the bricks. One person is the Builder, they build the item. As you can imagine, the engineer needs to tell the supplier what to give the builder, and then how to put the bricks together!

It is good fun and there is always help on hand if needed! Of course, the role would change each week so that they don’t get bored and they get a chance to do each different part.

There is an opportunity to have a small snack and play with mixed lego throughout the session.

Although the children are building small lego sets together, this isn’t solely about play – it is about learning turn taking, following instructions, making friends, working on communication skills, working on listening skills, building relationships with others and problem solving. There are probably loads of other benefits too!

Places MUST be booked, and your child/children would attend ONE of the three week blocks, from the blocks listed below.

Block 1 – Mondays (6th November 2023, 13th November 2023, and 20th November 2023) 4pm – 5.15pm

Block 2 – Mondays (6th November 2023, 13th November 2023, and 20th November 2023) 5.30pm – 6.45pm

Please note – due to staffing ratios, if your child has a PA, they would need to attend with them.

Parents/guardians will drop off their child/children and then pick them up when the group is finished.

Donations can be made towards the running costs of this group, however this is optional.

If you are interested in your child/children taking part in this group, please email by Monday 30th October 2023. Priority will be given to children who haven’t attended Lego Group before.

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