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Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

The Carers Act came into force on April 1, 2018 and placed certain duties on each local authority regarding support to unpaid carers.

The package of provisions in the Carers Act is designed to support carers’ health and wellbeing. The following summary comes from Shared Care Scotland, if you click on the blue links they will take you to more information about this this in other areas of the website.

  • A new duty on local authorities to prepare an adult carer support plan or young carer statement for anyone they identify as a carer, or for any carer who requests one
  • A duty on local authorities to set local eligibility criteria for carer support
  • A duty on local authorities to provide support to carers that meet local eligibility criteria
  • A duty on local authorities to consideroption of breaks from caring when undertaking support planning
  • A requirement that local authorities and health boards involve carers in carers’ services, and to involve carers in hospital discharge planning
  • A duty on local authorities and health boards to prepare a carers strategy for their area
  • A duty on local authorities to establish and maintain advice and information services for carers
  • A duty on local authorities to produce a short breaks services statement

Other leaflets available : -

  1. Cared for person being assessed
  2. Self Directed Support
  3. Emergency Planning

You can click here to view a full online version of the Act, while a more user-friendly summary of what the act means for unpaid carers can be found here.

Looking After Someone 2022-23 is a handy Guide detailing carers rights and can be viewed here

Coalition Of Carers In Scotland Quote:

Unpaid Carers provide more support to people with care needs than the entire health and social care workforce. This significant role has long been recognised by government, yet until now they have not had any right to support to assist them in their caring role.

We are delighted that the Scottish Government now has legislation exclusively for carers, for the first time. We hope the Carers Act will deliver clear and enforceable rights which will enable carers to access timely, quality support when they need it.

Carer Quotes:

'We need common sense legislation that ensures equality and maintains standards of support' (Carer, North Lanarkshire)

'I feel it is important that a Duty is placed on the local authorities to recognise the role I play and should provide me with appropriate supports which meet my needs' (South Asian Focus Group)

'There is a need for Carers Legislation to ensure carers are seen as a priority in Scotland' (Carer, South West Glasgow)

'Carers provide a vital service and, like the paid work force, should have rights and entitlements to enable them to continue to care without risk to themselves' (Carer, COCIS meeting)

'The duty to provide short breaks linked to a requirement to produce a statement of short breaks availability at last brings clarity for carers to an otherwise confused situation' (Carer, COCIS meeting)

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