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Factsheet for Carers

This page is designed to let you know about some of the help that is available to carers. It was initiated by carers and it is not an exhaustive list but it may point you in the right direction to get the things you need.

Advocacy Service for Shetland - from 1st October 2022, there will be a change to how statutory independent advocacy is available to people in Shetland. The Advocacy People are the new provider of independent advocacy. This is a telephone and online service available via their Contact Centre. The Advocacy People is an independent charity and all of the services provided are free and confidential. Independent advocacy supports an individual or group speak up for themselves. It helps people make their own decisions and have as much control as possible over their own lives. Independent advocacy can: help safeguard your rights, help you access information and make sure your voice is heard.

Tel: 0330 440 9000 Email:

Ability Shetland - supports the efforts of disabled people to realise their full potential in all areas of life. In addition to providing advice and information to service users and service providers, Ability Shetland runs a variety of clubs and recreational activities throughout the year.

Tel: 01595 743922 Email: Click HERE to view their website

Alzheimer Scotland - offer a range of support and activities for people with dementia, their partners, families and friends to help maintain abilities, social activities, relationships and community connections. The local Dementia Resource Centre is located at: Shetland Dementia Resource Centre, 66 Burgh Road, Lerwick, ZE1 0HJ and is open for enquiries Monday to Thursday 9am - 2pm. The Dementia Advisor is Jan Brown.

The 24 hour helpline is Freephone 0808 808 3000 or Email: Tel: 01595 720343/344 (Dementia Resource Centre) or 07795 256424 (Jan)

Blue Badge parking - permits disabled drivers and passengers to park nearer to where they are going. There is criteria on who is eligible. Click HERE for more information.

C+ Companion concession card - the person you care for can apply for a C+ card so that they can have a companion to help them when travelling by bus or ferry where they are unable to travel unaccompanied. You would need to be in recepit of DLA (middle or higher rate) to be entitled. It is called Application for National Entitlement Card. Conditions apply. Click HERE for further information.

Citizens Advice Bureau - can provide advice, support and assistance with filling in forms on many issues you may encounter as a carer, including legal matters, employment, housing, benefit entitlement and debt. They help to ensure that your income is maximised.

Tel: 01595 694696 Email: Click HERE to view their website

CEA Card - is a national card scheme developed for UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association (UKCA). It is one of the ways for particpating cinemas to ensure they make reasonable adjustments for disabled guests when they go to the cinema; in particular it ensures a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them. The cared for person must be aged over 8 years. Click HERE for further information.

Care at home - a service provided by Shetland Islands Council. They will assess the needs of the person you care for and if they meet the eligibility criteria you could be offered a worker who will come out to your house to assist the person that you care for. This service can be free.

Tel: 01595 744400

Carer Support Plan - as a carer, it may be useful to have a carer support plan for yourself to see how you can be supported in your caring role. Click HERE for further information

Carers Allowance - this is a long term, earnings replacement benefit. It is paid weekly to people caring for someone who is in receipt of a qualifying benefit. You can speak to Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau to find out if you would be eligible for this benefit.

CLAN in the Community, Shetland - as of June 2022, CLAN Cancer Support relocated it's Shetland Base to Islesburgh Community Centre. CLAN's services are based on the first floor and they offer emotional support to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis. Services available are: emotional support and counselling, complimentary therapies, nutrition, health and wellbeing support, dedicated children and family service, cancer support groups.

Tel: 01595 697275 Email: Click HERE to view their website

Contact Scotland - the charity for families with disabled children. They understand that life with a disabled child brings unique challenges, and exist to help families feel valued, supported, confident and informed. Click HERE to view their website

Disability Toilet Key - this is called a Radar NKS key. It offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Toilets fitted with National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafes, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country. Click HERE for more information

Facebook links - Shetland Carers Shetland Autism Network

Family Fund - help families who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person, on a low income. They provide grants that support a family, improve their wellbeing, increase quality of life and ease many of the pressures they often face. Click HEREto view their website

Fire Safety Checks - if you wish, a member of the local fire and rescue service will visit your home to carry out an inspection which will help you to sort out a fire escape plan and provide information about smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms. To arrange a visit, contact 0800 073 1999 or text 'FIRE' to 80800.

Herbert Protocol - do you know someone living with dementia? Are you worried they may wander off? The Herbert Protocol is an information gathering tool to assist the Police to find a vulnerable person who has gone missing, as quickly as possible. Click HERE for more information

Independent Living Centre - where occupational therapy are based. They may have some products or equipment which could help you in your caring role. Please click HERE for more information.

Power of Attorney - is a written document appointing someone to act on your behalf in respect of decisions that require to be made for you when you are unable to take these decisions for yourself. For more information contact a solicitor or click HERE

Royal Voluntary Service - a range of services to older people within the community, including transport (e.g. to doctor/hospital appointments, collecting pension, shopping), home from hospital service and social/lunch clubs. Tel: 01595 743914

Self Directed Support - is about people being in control of the support they need to live the life they choose. It's about giving people real power and control over their lives. Click HERE for more information

Self Care - please click HERE for more information

Shetland Care Attendant Scheme - provides practical support (where they have capacity), a trained Care Attendant can sit with the person that you care for, enabling you, the carer, to have some time free from your caring role.

Tel: 01595 743932 Email:

Shetland Community Connections - can offer support, advice, signposting and connections to any person living in Shetland with additional support needs. They offer support and advice for arranging direct payment packages, giving information, helping people in becoming an employer and working with Personal Assistants. Click HERE for more information

Tel: 01595 745091 Email:

Support Groups - Shetland Carers provide a variety of groups. Click HERE for more information

If you have any further questions then please give us a call on 01595 743980 or email

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