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The Herbert Protocol

Do you know someone living with dementia? Are you worried they may wander off? The Herbert Protocol is an information gathering tool to assist the Police to find a vulnerable person who has gone missing, as quickly as possible.

The Herbert Protocol is a nationally recognised scheme supported and endorsed by Police Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland, Scottish Government and Health & Social Care Scotland.

The scheme is named after George Herbert, a war veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia. George Herbert died whilst 'missing', trying to find his childhood home.

The initiative was first developed by Norfolk Police in 2011. It has been implemented by many areas in the UK since and was launched in Scotland on 21st September 2021.

The Herbert Protocol is an information gathering form which records vital information - where the person grew up, favourite places, former or current hobbies, GP contact details, medication, daily routine, a photograph with consent to share on social media (if needed). It is completed and retained by carers and families and handed to Police in the event of someone going missing. This helps the Police to quickly access important information and avoids unnecessary delays in gathering information at a time of crisis.

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