Funding & Benefits

Support from Shetland's Citizens Advice Bureau

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau can assist carers and those being cared for by:

  • Running a check to see if you are claiming all the benefits you and the person you care for are entitled to.

Awards for Carers living with someone with MS

Please see the table below for information on new grants being awarded by The MS Society for carers living with someone with MS.

There are 2 themes; Leisure and Personal Development. The box below gives you an outline of awards:

Carers Grant CategoryAgeHow often can you applyMax awarded for LeisureMax awarded for Personal Development
Young Carers 15yrs and under Once Up to £300 Up to £300
Transitional Carers 16 - 24 Once Up to £300 Up to £1000
Adult carers 25yrs and above Every 5 years from previous award grant Up to £300 Up to £1000

For more information please contact the MS Society on Tel: 0131 335 4050 or Email: