Advice & Support

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau can assist carers and those being cared for by:

  • Running a check to see if you are claiming all the benefits you and the person you care for are entitled to.
  • Providing advice on how to fill in forms or write letters, including assistance to complete self assessment forms for local authority care.
  • Our Welfare Rights Advisers can support you or the person you care for if your benefit entitlement is being reviewed or has been stopped, including representation at benefit tribunals for ill health and disability appeals.
  • They also have an Energy Adviser who can give advice about heating your home efficiently.
  • Advising what to do if you need to arrange Power of Attorney, A Guardianship Order, Intervention Order or the Access to Funds Scheme.
  • Helping you to understand Contributing to Your Support care charges and advise you on these, including your eligibility and any rights of appeal.
  • There is a Patient Advice & Support Services Worker, who can assist with patients rights and responsibilities, including NHS dental, medical and optical complaints.

CAB also provides generalist advice in other areas, including consumer issues, legal matters, immigration, housing, employment, relationship breakdown and debt and budgeting advice. 

Carers Scotland self-advocacy toolkit

Carers in Scotland will benefit from a new set of tools produced by Carers Scotland which will help them to communicate their needs and views to service professionals and other agencies.

The aim of the Carers Self-Advocacy Toolkit is to give carers looking after loved ones increased knowledge, skills and self-confidence in asking for information, products and services and also advice on how to challenge decisions effectively.

Carers Scotland is also offering free self advocacy training for carers and professionals to support the roll out of the self advocacy toolkit.

Find out more about training.