About Us

Voluntary Action Shetland

Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) is a registered charity SC017286, and our role is to support the needs of the local Shetland Community. We support unpaid carers through our Carers Support Service.

What can VAS Carers Support Service offer?

We can offer information, advice, signposting and support to local carers and carers groups to help make life a little easier for carers and the people they care for.

Why not arrange a time to meet our support worker who can;

  • Provide a `listening ear` to carers.
  • Undertake home visits throughout Shetland for those who find it difficult to make it in to Market House, Lerwick.
  • Provide opportunities for carers to take part in social activities which include regular support groups.
  • Arrange training for carers in-house and with partner organisations.
  • Help with advice on short breaks/respite facilities and on our carers short break scheme. 
  • Promote greater awareness of carers and their needs, and to give a positive community identity to carers and those involved in caring. 
  • Talk to carers and carers groups on issues affecting carers.
  • Act as a voice to promote the needs of carers through the Carers Link Group and other avenues.

Shetland Carers Strategy

You can have your say locally through the Shetland Carers Strategy Group.

The Shetland Carers Strategy Group (SCSG) is a multi-agency group facilitated by Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS). It is carer led and brings together representatives from the Council, NHS Shetland and the Voluntary Sector. The group monitors progress against the objectives of the Carer Information Strategy and supports the needs of unpaid carers. Sue Beer is the carers representative on this group and you can contact her with any issues you would like raised on your behalf.  She is contactable on 743909 or at sue.beer@shetland.org 

The Shetland Carers Strategy Group produces the Shetland Carers’ Strategy, in consultation with Carers and using EPiC principles (see within the document).

If you would like to be part of this group Karen Hannay, Voluntary Action Shetland's Support Worker, would love to hear from you: karen.hannay@shetland.org / 01595 743923